pallet storage solutions

We store your pallets for you!

Do you need somewhere to store your pallets? Is your current stock taking up too much room? Do you need a bigger warehouse but cannot afford/find one? Starting at £1.50 per week we can store all of your pallets for you at ease! Our storage options are bespoke to each client. At Elevation you will only ever pay each pallet you need us to store for you. We offer multiple flexible storage options to suit your business needs. Our warehouse allows us to provide you with the extra space you need to grow your business further, and not worry about where or how to store your pallets safely. We can provide you with the solution to fit in with your seasonal peaks and business growth. We also give you the option to expand in the future if you so desire. We provide a secure storage and warehousing service tailored to fit your company. We can also offer competitive collection and delivery rates on the pallets for those who require this. Our pallet storage solutions are the perfect option for businesses of all sizes.
We operate from a 40,000 square foot warehouse, this allows us to provide you with the space you need to store all of your pallets safely.  This also gives you the potential to expand your business in the future, knowing your pallets full of products have somewhere to be stored.


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